Android or iOS, Which One OS Suits You Best ?

Two players have been contesting in the mobile OS war for many years with both Google Android and Apple iOS trying to occupy the top spot. There are other opponents such as the operating system by RIM BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

However, as compared to the market share of Android and Apple, their combined one is too small. Although the mobile technology of Android and Apple keeps us connected while we are traveling, they deliver it in a different way. You can have a better idea about the platform that offers what you are looking for by knowing their differences.


Useful information about Android and Apple
First, you should understand how Android and Apple compete against each other by taking a brief history lesson. When it comes to the market share and sales, the US market has been dominated by the iPhone since it was introduced.

Android phones have however given the juggernaut in the mobile phone industry a big scare in recent times. Nielsen, which is a firm that carries out market research in all parts of the world, found out that Apple was finally edged out by Android in 2012. Android got a market share of about 48 percent. Apple is still the leading manufacturer of smartphones even though Android is the top smartphone OS.

IDC: Smartphone OS Market Share 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 Chart

All the models of the iPhone that are currently available are easily outselling other handsets. The change that the mobile OS space is experiencing is a demonstration of the staying power of Android and its popularity will increase significantly even though it will be possible for Apple to broaden and maintain the loyal following that it has.

You can determine the smartphone that suits you if you are looking for a new one in the market and you have not yet made any investment in any ecosystem by understanding the differences between these platforms.


Under the Hood
Hardware is the main difference between Apple and Android. The core software of a smartphone dictates the overall functionality of the phone and hence, it affects the way you use it. When it comes to the iPhone, you get what you see: all the available models have a similar user interface.

The design of Android on the other hand allows the manufacturer that releases the device to modify it. There can be great variations in these modifications and they mostly make an Android phone to feel and look completely different. iOS by Apple is famous for its sleek and clean interface.

However, the wide variety of Android smartphones that are available may provide you with something that suits your taste if you do not like the interface of the iPhone.

Exclusivity vs. Variety

Variety is the top priority when it comes to Android. All the four major carriers in the US have over 70 Android phones and in effect, they ensure that you find an option that meets your varying mobile needs and suits your lifestyle.

The only iOS smartphone that Apple makes is the iPhone and the base models that are currently available are only three: the 4S, the 4G and the 3G. If you are looking for a phone that runs iOS, you can only buy the iPhone even though different storage configurations are available.

What is your choice?
Your preference largely determines if you choose an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

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