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The Apple iPhone is a very expensive phone brand worldwide. There are also many cases of theft in the form of expensive gadgets. No matter which phone you are using, Android, iPhone or any other smartphone, but I am sure no one would want his phone stolen. There is no guarantee of theft or no theft; anti-theft apps are available to avoid situations that can reduce the likelihood of this happening.

There are a lot of losses in phone theft. I do not mean the money of buying a new phone, but the phone is your personal gadget where you store your Confidential and Personal data such as professional details, bank details, credit card details and more. This is the real disadvantage that any unauthorized person can access your personal and confidential data. Which you would not like to share in your absence or without permission.

And to avoid this situation (I mean your phone has been stolen by thieves or has fallen somewhere), you have to install anti-theft application in your phone. So that whenever an unauthorized person tries to unlock or access your phone, these anti-theft apps notify you so that you can track your phone.

If you are looking for anti-theft apps that protects your phone from intruders or if someone tries to access your phone in an unauthorized way, take a picture of it. So you have come to the right place. In this article today I will tell you the best mobile security apps, Tracking, Phone Locator, & anti-theft protection for iPhone which will protect your phone from intruders.

Top anti-theft apps for iPhone/IPad


Prey Find my Phone Tracker GPS: one of the best solutions for locating and protect your iPhone or iPad.  Prey Anti-theft app is free to download on iOS Platform.

Total of 3 devices you can track from a single account registration. It’s an awesome app feature if your phone got stolen, this app doesn’t send just the Location of your phone but it also takes pictures of intruders and sends it to you on registered email id. download free from ios store.


There is an another ios security and identity protection app known as Lookout. Comes with a very effective tracking app for your iPhones and iPads.

This app is automatically generated emails sent to your registered email whenever your SIM Card is removed from your IPhone/ipad or your device put on airplane mode. Download Free highly rated Anti-theft apps from ios store.


mSpy Lite Phone Family Tracker: mSPY is a new generation anti-theft app for iPhone users. This ios app provides you the best protection to recover your misplaced, lost, or stolen ios or iPhone device.

It is also working on the jailbroken & non-jail broken iOS devices, which double protects your device security. This app has many other features that make it perfect for locating your device via GPS tracking. Available on iOS store, Download Now!


FlexiSPY is an anti-theft app for iPhone app used to track hot words from the chat in different apps; it also tracks the location search by the user and takes records of all call logs. It also records live calling, chats, and specific unknown numbers. I am using it to protect my device from thieves or if lost. It tracks the live Location of the device and locks the device to protect internal data stored in the device.

Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone is an anti-theft ios app. I am going to share my experience. This app is easy to use, and I am using this to locate my family quickly. You
can also use this app to find your missing device.

It also has a feature to lock your phone from unauthorized access for that you have to turn on Activation lock, and it prevents your device to make your data safe from thieves. Available free to download

Alarm Security ALL-IN-1

Alarm Security ALL-IN-1 is an anti-theft ios app works amazingly to safeguard your systems. It is an application that provides an alarm for managing all your devices. This application works amazingly with your iPhone as well as you can also and efficiently manage your home device with the same app. Therefore, it is called all in one solution for managing the safety of all your devices other than mobiles.

We have listed above few best anti theft ios apps. Which will help in finding your phone after stealing or telling. Which of these apps are you choosing or using, for anti-theft protection. Please comment which best iPhone apps takes picture of intruders. Share your experiences on listed apps with my visitors, so that we can find out what makes them special.

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