Best Mobile Apps for Your Business

What are some of the best apps to help businesses? When looking for an app for your business, it’s worth thinking about apps that can increase productivity, while making it easier to communicate with colleagues and manage finances.  At the same time, apps can make it much easier to bring together all of the different elements of your business into a single interface. the ability to use a high speed connection to keep your business running on the go means that having the right selection of apps has become even more important. Some of these apps include:


Meetifyr :

A time management app, Meetifyr allows you to schedule meetings with colleagues and friends through an online shared Calendar.meetifyr-apps

The shared calendar can be used to work out when different people are busy, and when the best times can be for scheduling group events. The calendar is a simple tool, and can be used within a large office where people may be away from their desks during the week, or can be used to make sure that you maintain a healthy work and life balance.


GeckoBoard :

One of the best features of contemporary apps is that they can package all of your various tasks into a single program.


GeckoBoard represents one of these apps, offering a real time dashboard where you can view all of the various parts of your business – examples here might include your email, social networking profiles, and your internal business instant messaging service. Updates from online sales, and metrics on company performance, can also be organized to ensure that you can stay on top of an extensive range of tasks.

Evernote :

Still perhaps the most comprehensive management app available, Evernote allows you to convert and store multiple documents and images.


You can upload handwritten notes, keep receipts, save documents, and bookmark web pages, while also keeping voice notes. Evernote effectively makes everything easier for a business that may struggle to stay on top of information. A small business can particularly maintain employee records, track invoices and receipts, and search through these using keywords.

Skype :

Reliable and widely available, Skype is ideal for businesses that want to save money on their calls. VoiP calls are becoming much easier to maintain on the go with 4G, and can save a small business from having to set up a physical telephone network.


Payments for conference calls and a business subscription can mean that you can keep in touch with clients and remote colleagues, while being able to make use of adds ons that translate languages and share files.

Billings Touch :

Freelancers and small businesses can improve their invoicing practices through apps like Billings Touch. This app keeps track of different invoices and payments, and can be synchronized between desktops, phones, and tablets.


Billings Touch breaks down your due and completed payments, and also enables measurements for tax and expenses for clients. The simple interface of the app means that you can better organize your invoice demands over time.

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