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Music everyone likes, for the years online streaming sites/app has dominated the scene. Few apps offer to you for free and some others charge a premium price. Few apps offer both. as free accounts, users have some limitations but premium accounts have all access. so it’s very difficult to choose the best music app for iPhone. 

Apple Music

Apple Music- Music app for iphone

Apple Music is the best music app for iPhone, I have ever used. I am a music lover and I am using Apple Music for the last 3 years. Apple Music provides quality audio which is simply unmatchable. I can listen to each instrument that is used by the music director. This is what I love in this apple music. The superior quality of sound and more features like handling echo, bass, and moreover features while connecting to the speakers are the plus points of the same.

Price: FREE Download


SoundCloud Music app for iphone

SoundCloud is a good app to download music on iPhone. The features of this app just amaze me. It offers easy song downloading quality. It also has a great feature where user can also upload their songs and then the other users can easily share through the platform to promote your song worldwide. Any music lover, artist, or creator can easily start his/her music journey in using this impeccable ios application. It is the world’s largest music and audio streaming application. 

Price: Free / Premium Download


Spotify Music app for iphone

Spotify is the best music player ios app and lives podcast app on the iPhone. Spotify provides me a premium quality audio songs. Spotify is one of the well-known app with millions of users worldwide. Thus, it’s an easy to use and search music app where you can listen to any of your favorite artists. I can easily listen to trending songs with different genres. The best feature of this app is that it works on the background while not disrupting the other running applications on the mobile.

Price: FREE / Premium Download


Deezer Music app for iphone

Deezera is the best music player app in ios. Deezer is the most popular ios music app in each region. As of popularity, it’s reaching the far corners of the worldwide. The most robust option is the online player, available on any browser.If you compare with other music apps, you will get It’s more functional. Such as Radio and Pandora, Performing too much at a time without clutter.


Pandora Music app for iphone

Pandora is one of the most downloaded music apps on the iPhone because of its simple use and effectiveness. It provides many important features like awesome sound quality, simple attractive interface, and wide music selection. Pandora is still great at playing radio and it also allows us to search for music by song lyrics. It also works with Amazon Echo and Alexa devices which make it easy to use, search for favorite artists easily. Another important feature is that it not uses the use of many cellular data.

Price: FREE / Premium Download

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