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Factors To Consider Before Coming Up With A Website

UX-Website Design

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Factors To Consider Before Coming Up With A Website

First We Will Talk About a Good User Interface (UI)

In the Web site, the interface is called the set of elements that make up a computer screen, from visiting a web, navigation, to identifying content and action. This service gives the user the power to quickly find what they came to look for through usability when they visit the website to cause instant effect.

User Interface design

The experience is not only the web that is seen on the screen; It starts from the client typing your URL or searching for you on Google. Its objectives must be fulfilled efficiently and the technology is of no use if the users:

  • They cannot communicate and make an economic transaction
  • They cannot find the product.
  • They do not have an attractive design.
  • The sequences are not understood.

What is UX (User Experience)?

User Experience (UX) is the satisfaction that the user receives when he sees a good page, with all the integrations and appropriate interaction that allows him to feel comfortable with his mobile device and with a great approval of operative words in his search. If a user has a bad experience he will not return and he will tell his friends already like this to Google.

UX-Website Design

It is a perception that leaves a mark on the mind of someone who interacts with people; Active, passive and secondary. All these interactions are open to the interpretation of several people who do not like the performance or poor quality in web design. Remember that they are the ones that perceive faster and are recorded in the mind.

However, this should be a practice that designers must take into account for the improvement and better navigation result of our users. Designing (UX) “User Experience” represents an important action for the client.

How Important Are Mobile Friendly Websites?

55% of smartphone users search the device on a daily basis and 87% of users notice advertising on their phones. These are as many potential visitors and a source of traffic that you can no longer afford to ignore.

It is therefore important to update yourself if you want to stay in the race for results in Google. The adoption of an adaptive website (responsive design) can be a good solution: its display adapts automatically according to the platform from which it is consulted.

As for SMEs that still do not have a website, there is no compromise to be made on the compatibility of the site with mobile devices, this functionality should be automatically included in the offer of service offered by your web provider. Test Mobile Friendly with Google

SEO Friendly

In order for your site to generate a lot of traffic or visits you must have a design optimized for SEO. This way, your page may be visible to those interested in your products and services. To do this, you must apply some SEO positioning techniques that will allow you to optimize it to the maximum.

In general, a web design optimized for SEO refers to the evolution and development of conventional web design. By optimizing your site, it will integrate quickly with current search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others and, in this way, you can position yourself in the top positions of these search engines at the time of a search.

In this sense, for your website to attract the most visitors, this must be captured by the search engines that are the link between users and web pages. Every day more these searchers are more intelligent so it is necessary to improve and update, through SEO, the design of our site, among other elements, to make it easier and enjoyable for your navigation.

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