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5 Biggest Challenges of Remote Work

Disadvantages of Remote work


5 Biggest Challenges of Remote Work


It seems too many that working at home is an opportunity to relax.

Indeed, you do not have a boss over you, you have a more flexible schedule and often more free time.

Remote work brings many positive moments and seems more psychologically comfortable, but it also requires no less, and sometimes more organization, planning and other time management skills.

We collected typical complaints that often occur in freelancers and people working remotely, and found out what can be done to make the work at home more enjoyable.

What are the challenges of working remotely?

The organization of your day depends only on you

This is both a Positive and a Negative of remote work. On the one hand, no one dictates your schedule, but on the other – no one except you organizes your day. And if laziness and procrastination win, deadlines can be torn down, and tasks are not fulfilled.

What to do about it?

First of all, it is necessary to build your daily schedule. Determine the beginning and end of the working day, the time for breaks and adhere to this routine daily. Well-known techniques of time management and prioritization of tasks can also help you. There are a lot of them, so you can experiment and choose the one that suits your type of work.

Limited contact with friends and colleagues can be caused by two main factors. First, most of your work has gone online, and there is no need for “live” contacts. And the second – your graphics with friends and colleagues just do not match.

Limited contacts “with the outside world”

Limited contact with friends and colleagues can be caused by two main factors. First, most of your work has gone online, and there is no need for “live” contacts. And the second – your graphics with friends and colleagues just do not match.

What to do about it?

First, determine whether communication with others has become much less because of the transition to a home mode of work, and what you lack is personal or professional contacts.

To solve this problem, you can set a goal to hold 2-3 meetings a week. However, if such a mathematical approach is not your option, then make communication your priority. After all, meetings with friends and colleagues are a source of inspiration, new ideas, an opportunity to keep an eye on the pulse of what is happening in your professional environment and the world around you, a chance to find new opportunities. So time for them – should be a mandatory item when planning a weekly schedule.

Insufficient amount of time in the fresh air and movement

In many occupations, switching to a home mode of work, as a rule, leads to a decrease in movement and stay in the open air. Simply put, you start to go outside less. This is natural when your house also turns into an office: the main part of the work is done through the Internet, and the road to work takes more than an hour and a few seconds.

What to do about it?

Even when working outside the office, try once or several times a week to work outside the home. Changing the situation in itself will already raise the mood and working tone. Moreover, you always can write resume, apply to another company and change your job. In addition, plan walks during the working day – a break of 20-30 minutes is not necessarily to be scrolled on the Internet.

Or, for example, do small workouts during the day. Moreover, at home, you are not constrained by the presence of colleagues. It will be useful to enroll in the gym, and in summer you can choose outdoor sports on the street.

Irregular nutrition

Household, but very practical and relevant issue. Working at home can theoretically benefit your health. For example, it becomes possible to better monitor your diet. But in practice it often turns out the opposite: you regularly snack, but forget about lunch at all.

What to do about it?

Start by scheduling lunch time on your schedule. This will become another “reference point” of your plan of the day. Follow this schedule every day. In addition, remove all harmful snacks from the eyes. In itself, the presence of snacks in the field of view leads to an increase in their use. In addition, take care that you always have at your fingertips useful snacks – fruits, dried fruits, vegetables, etc.

The disappearance of the home-work balance

Working from home, you can begin to feel that you are at work all the time, and there is no transition from work to rest.

What to do about it?

Try to maximally separate the work area in your apartment. Organize your workplace, choose working clothes, which after the end of the working day will be changed to your home option.

Another important point is time management. Determine the clear time for the end of the working day, after which you will no longer return to work, check mail or messages. To make the distinction even more palpable, try to finish your work day with a small walk.

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