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E-Commerce Strategy-UI and Design


E-Commerce Strategy-UI and Design

E-Commerce Strategy-UI and Design

Ecommerce websites have been a must for any business that wants to sell their products and services. There has been intense competition between ecommerce sites to attract and win customers. It is important that you have an ecommerce site that is up to date and provides a great user experience.

User experience by itself can change the fortune of your business. If a consumer enjoys the shopping experience on your website, they will be back for more.

There are lots of factors that influence the success of an eCommerce website. Let’s have a look at some of these features which will help in creating a unique user experience.

It is the job of the designer and the business to strive to create a better shopping experience for the users. There are a few traits that should be present in every eCommerce website. An eCommerce website will be incomplete without it. These features are very important to better the shopping experience of the user.

Keep Shopping
Keep Shopping
When you are shopping then you need to know if the product is added to the shopping cart or not. There should be a confirmation about the product being added to the cart. Show the list of products that are added to the cart along with the sub-total. From here they can proceed to Checkout or they can also have the option of “Continue Shopping”.
Inventory Count Along with Sizes
You can also display the inventory of the product along with the sizes that are available. For example, when you are shopping for a shirt, the sizes along with the number of shirts that are available are displayed then it becomes easier for you to order according to that. There should also be a proper product description so that people may understand better what they are buying.
Zoom In/ Zoom Out option along with hi-quality images
Zoom-in option

Almost every eCommerce website now provides an option to zoom in and have a closer look of the product. The images that you display of your product should be of high quality. These are the basic features you must have otherwise you might not stand the competition from others.

Video Demos
Video Section

Apart from the images that you display you can also display videos of the products. This will give the customers a clear idea of the product. This will also help them in making a decision of whether they want to buy or not. This will better the user experience and increase the chances of users to buy from your site.

Many at times people do not want to go through to boring and irritating task of filling up the information in the form. This would take a lot of time. So if you have a guest check out option the visitor can buy the products he wants and just make the payment at the checkout. This will save them time as well. This will be an encouragement for more visitors to come to your site and shop.
Advanced Search Options
Search Auto Complete

Many visitors leave when they cannot locate the product they are looking for. The search filter should be advanced enough to help the visitor locate the product. The results should be shown along with the image so that it becomes easier for visitors to identify the products they want and then make the purchase. This will improve the shopping experience and more people will be interested in coming back to your website.

Featured Deals
Feature deals

For every website there are great deals on offer and it is important to highlight these deals on the home page of your website. These deals should be featured so that it would attract customers and that will help in increasing your sales. People would take interest and they would like to stick around and explore your website.

Get Rid of Long Sign up Forms

When we are buying from a website we always have to fill a one time form with our details. This takes a lot of times and sometimes due to mistakes it will irritate the customers. So always have short sign up forms so that they do not have many hassles in filling it up. This will encourage people to sign up and buy from your website. This will also help you to connect with the customers at all times. This is one such feature which is very important in an eCommerce site.

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