eCommerce Website Development Mistakes to Avoid


A business without a website is something we would not be able to imagine in today’s world. One of the prime options in the current scenario is to make use of an eCommerce site for your business. Given the fact that a wide range of businesses today is focussing on an eCommerce component to their official website, it assumes a lot of importance to focus on how to build a site in an efficient manner

However, instead of understanding how to build an eCommerce website, we will focus on what factors should you avoid when building an eCommerce website

The Prime eCommerce Website Development Mistakes to Avoid 

Here are a few prime eCommerce website development mistakes you should avoid. We will discuss the factors in a clear detail and why you should always avoid them. Hiring a good e-commerce development company can prove to be a perfect option for almost all your requirements. 

A complicated checkout process 

Studies have revealed that a very complicated checkout process has been one of the prime reasons why most of the buyers move away from an eCommerce site. The check out process should not take more than a couple of steps to ensure that the visitors are not made to move away. 

Offer Easy and fast checkout Process

Your checkout page should consist of every detail about the costing that includes shipping costs, discounts and taxes. A single page checkout would ensure that users are not forced to leave your site, making you lose conversion. 

An improper product description 

The product description and product image are the two prime factors that would decide whether the visitor wants to buy your product. If the descriptions are not in tune with the expectations of the buyer, they can decide to abandon the decision to buy the product. 

Proper Product information can help customer to buying Decision

Make sure that you have listed all the premium selling points of the product. The descriptions on how does the product work and how it is made can help customers take a proper buying decision. The visual interpretation of the product can be yet another possible option to make your visitors opt for your product. 

Lack of shipping options 

The shipping needs of the visitors and potential buyers would ideally be different. They would expect a wide range of shipping options to suit their individual requirements. That should explain why the top end eCommerce sites focus on providing as many shipping options as would be possible. 

A good number of shipping options can be one of the best reasons buyers would look for to meet their individual requirements. It can also be useful in reducing the possible shipping cost. If the in-store pickup is available, some of the buyers would prefer that to the doorstep delivery. The multiple shipping options can also be useful and practical when there are situations such as natural disasters. 

Lack of payment options 

Lack of enough payment options can be yet another deterrent and can make the potential buyer move away from your site. Some sites and vendors focus on cash on delivery which can deter a wide range of customers. People may want to gift an item, and a cash on delivery option can prove to be useless in such situations. 

Wide range of Payment option in ecommece site

Card payments such as debit card and credit cards can be yet another added advantage. Some card companies have special offers and discounts on the use, and buyers who want to make use of the benefits offered by the card companies may find the lack of card payment options a deterrent. Having a diversity of payment options should be a must if you want to cater to every kind of user. 

A design that is not mobile-friendly 

Most of the traffic today comes from mobile devices. People tend to use a mobile device for almost all your requirements. According to recent report more than 60 per cent of the web searches come from mobile devices, and that should stand a proof to indicate that a mobile-friendly design is what would make it all the more important and essential. 

Importance of Mobile Friendly Website Design

It would be advisable to check if your website meets the mobile-friendliness guidelines by checking it out through the mobile-friendly test tool. You can take the necessary actions to make your site completely user friendly on a mobile device. In fact, the choice of the theme and plugins used in your website development can decide a better mobile usability. Picking a good Ecommerce solutions can help you build your site so that it is compatible with your mobile visitors. 

A slower page loading time 

A slower loading website can be a huge disaster in every case – not only an eCommerce site. Ideally, a website should not take more than 3 seconds to load, and if your website is slow, it can result in your potential buyers moving away from your site. 

Wwebsite Loading time Impact Conversion Rate

Studies have indicated that more than 50 percent of the users abandon a site when it takes more time than a specific time. If you do not want to have any negative impact on your business, make sure that the site loads faster enough, as the speed of an eCommerce website can make or break it. 

Sources: Google/SOASTA Research

The website and its performance are one of the strongest factors and a true building block for an eCommerce business. Avoiding a few certain mistakes when building your eCommerce site would assume a lot of importance. Listed above are only a few of the issues you are likely to face. Make sure that you are careful enough when creating your site and ensure it works fine before releasing it for the public. Make sure that your e-commerce development company is capable of  providing you a few good options in making your site stand apart and help you get better conversions.

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