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How To Attract More Traffic to Your Website



How To Attract More Traffic to Your Website

How To Attract More Traffic to Your Website

Reaching customers may be one of the key aspects of blogging, so quality content is not only relevant in what and how it portrays your product, but also in form.

Simply put, it is no longer sufficient to post a bulk of characters that form whatever content you are aiming for and believe it will have the same impact that say an Infographic would.

This means that you have to be realistic with what you are putting out there because you would not linger on blogs or webpages that are crammed with endless paragraphs and offer little to no visual stimulation.

So how can you market content that gets your audience engaged, curious and is versatile enough to make your blog a page worth subscribing to?
Well since receiving and storing information pretty much revolves around the learning process, exploring learning styles and catering specifically to that niche you are trying to reach with your product may be a good start. Considering that the latest algorithm changes have also changed the way that SEO is perceived, let’s take a look at a few efficient alternative content types that will attract more readers or visitors.

 Four Types of Alternative Content that Will Attract More Visitors 



Take Infographics for instance: they keep things pretty simple, all the while delivering the essential information, in an attractive, colorful, visually stimulating manner.  They support visual learners so take that into consideration when incorporating more of them into your business marketing strategy.



Video blogging is an ever growing trend since it not only offers a much more personal connection with your subscribers, but also a faster, more effective way to get your message across: the spoken word and the gift of motion picture. While providing a level of engagement that no other content types can, video blogging not only portrays complex ideas but follows them through and go through the entire process of action completion.


If that does not strike a chord, why not try picture blogging- but make it personal, make your subscribers know that there is meaning behind your content, that your pictures tell a story or form a puzzle of some sorts. Creativity and mystery is key, because once your readers get the hang of your posting style, they will expect innovation and that is not a simple thing to master. Exceeding expectations especially in the blogosphere can prove quite tricky.

What better way to showcase a new product than by presenting it in a small gif? What better way of proving a point using humor than by adding a funny meme? People are always on the lookout for new and original approaches, and all you have to do is to find the perfect way of feeding them information. It is quite simple to create your very own Memes or Gifs, and a little effort will definitely go a long way.

There are of course many other content possibilities, such as mind maps or vine videos and experimenting is essential when trying to pinpoint exactly what works best with you and your vision of the product you are presenting.  I would advise, however, that even here, less still is more.

What I mean by this is that many bloggers get so caught up in the novelty of alternative content delivery that they use it frantically and break the delicate balance and sense of cohesion their blog had. Always see the bigger picture and analyze how your new content choice will fit in with the rest of your blog, preview your work and make adjustments, even if they only mean changing color palettes but also if they involve re-filming altogether.

Quality does mean making serious effort and the time you do put into it is the amount of satisfaction you will feel at the end of the day.

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