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How to Increase Visitors on My Blog



How to Increase Visitors on My Blog

How to Increase Visitors on My Blog


The power of the blog isn’t about how many posts you can write. It’s about your ability to keep people subscribing to your RSS feed and visiting your site again and again. Interesting posts alone can’t encourage people to come back. You have to know what convinces people to come back and what you can do about it. And with millions of unread blogs floating around the online world, there’s a high chance your blog will join them. It’s not all doom and gloom, though.

In this post you’ll learn, how to drive more traffic to your blog, these 13 tips will helps to getting traffic to your blog.

Top 13 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic Free

These are 13 tips (which most bloggers don’t use) for keeping people coming back to your blog.

1. Offer Something:  It’s not about you. It’s about them. Give your readers something unique. If you enjoy seeing movies, write a review within hours of general release and they’ll know to come to you before they go to a movie reviewing website.

Building Blogging Relationships

2. Enable RSS Feed: The RSS Feed enables people to see when you post something new. Without anywhere to subscribe how are people going to know you’ve updated your blog? You can’t rely on them frequently checking back by themselves.  This one helps to you drive traffic to your blog.

3. Optimism Researchers have demonstrated how millions of people don’t watch the news because it makes them depressed. Apply the same thing to your blog. Make it your mission to make your readers smile and they’ll want to visit you again. Why do you think pictures of lolcats became so popular?

4. Share Funny Pictures: Most Facebook feeds are populated by funny and amusing pictures and gifs. Supply these on your blog and they’ll share them. It could just snag a few more viewers. This is the best way to make the most of passive publicity. Let your readers do the work.

Social Network

5. Memorable Domains and blogs name, which have thousands of readers have memorable names. They’re easy to pronounce and simple to spell. Aim to concoct a blog and domain name which is as simple as possible. This doesn’t equal generic. You can still be creative without being complicated.

6. Branding Effective: branding ensures your blog resonates with people. Look at effective brands today. Whenever someone says Ferrari you instantly think ‘sports car’ without having to see an example. Apply this to your blog. Whenever someone says your blog name they should think about the sort of content you’re publishing.

Stay Connected


7. Encourage Debate Place a comments section below each post and encourage debate. Leave a question at the end of your blog to get people to reply. Try to spark some debate. Just remember to moderate well. The last thing you want is to have people screaming at each other over an issue. This turns the ambience toxic and makes people not want to come back.

8. Update Regularly You should always have new content at least once a week. Stick to a schedule and publish this schedule. Regular readers know when to check back because there’s something new. One of the reasons why bloggers fail to become a success is due to the lack of discipline. Treat it with the utmost seriousness!

9. Be Personal Link everything you say to a personal issue. The atrocities of the world might get people interested, but it doesn’t last long because it doesn’t impact them personally. Try to link everything to something which matters to people each day and they’ll return to see what words of wisdom you have to give next.

10. Comment: Linking Smaller blogs need to ease up on the restrictions over external linking. Do not install the ‘no-follow’ tag or search engines won’t index it. Make it clear all links are followed and it will encourage people to link to other websites in the comments. Some might even comment just because you allow followed links.

11. Good Advice: Good advice spreads like wildfire, even if it’s slightly sarcastic or ironic. Give your visitors this. It, once again, revolves around linking issues to your personal life. Try to come up with some sort of anecdote. Little stories make everything seem more ‘real’ and more personal. These blogs nearly always get more visitors than generic pieces of news and advice.

12. Newsletter: Start a newsletter on your blog. This sends monthly emails to each subscriber. It gives them something extra to look forward to. Don’t make the mistake of using it exclusively to promote yourself. Nobody likes marketing emails. Every newsletter should have something which isn’t on your blog.

Making Sense of Social Media

13. Serial Blogs: Serial blogs are blogs where the posts link together into a little story. By the time you’re finished, you could probably write a book with those blogs. They’re difficult to do well without scaring away latecomers. Instead, write serial blogs alongside your normal blogs. Never make a serial blog the main purpose of your site. This has the benefit of encouraging regular readers to come back for more.

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