Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Features Review

Ever since the all new Microsoft Windows 8 has showed up in a madcap start, the computer users have urged for having more and more of something. Seeing this, the laptop manufacturing companies have fastened their seatbelts and started with the mission of delivering its people with everything at its best.
Nowadays, the laptops have transformed to Ultrabooks and not only has this happened- they further transformed to the hybrid breed of convertible Ultrabooks. Few Netbook accessories….
In this run, Lenovo is a common name to be heard about and why not, the all new IdeaPad Yoga from the company has completely transformed the scenario of computing. Offering user friendly touch interface along with the clubbed keyboard truly offers the best of the best experiences of Windows 8. 
The design of this particular Lenovo laptop doesn’t seems to compromise on its high end promising performance. This is absolutely sleek, glossy and trendy tablet cum laptop is a perfect travel chum and it is compatible enough to be slid into the sleeves without any hitch. While, the next best feature is the fold away keyboard that flips at the back of the screen the moment you want to use it as a tablet.
Design and build: One would surely be taken aback to know that the IdeaPad Yoga is the very first Ultrabook whose screen can be flipped up to complete 360 degrees backward to transform the same into a touch screen tablet! More interestingly, it’s just the Lenovo that has introduced such kind of transformation while the other manufacturers just provide slide or docking system in their laptops.
Thanks to the incredible hinge system of the Lenovo that has made it possible. The total build dimension of the laptop measures up to 16.9 mm x 224.8 mm x 333.4 mm with a mere total weight of 1.54 Kg. Front portion of the hybrid Ultrabook comes bolted with a decent 13.3 inches HD Plus IPS Capacitive Multi-touch Display screen with 10 point multiple touch gestures support.
Performance laden features: Despite of the handsome and chic look, the laptop comes loaded with amazing features that will surely wow your senses. Certainly, the main and the foremost important feature of this machine is its speed!  To fetch the utmost processing speed, the laptop comes packed with the 3rd Generation Intel Core i5-3317U processor set at a clock speed of 1.7 GHz. 
This is further coupled with 4 GB DDR3 RAM that promises optimum processing speed and handling of multitude application run with sheer ease without even breaking a sweat. On the other hand the built in hard disk storage totals to 128 GB and an Intel HD Graphics 4000 video card with a 54.7 WHr battery life. All the aforementioned specifications make the Yoga IdeaPad a high-performing device.
Verdict Of Lenovo Ideapad 13: The best thing about this particular laptop is its unique and revolutionary design that seduces the senses and leaves the techno buff in you jaws dropping. All those who really want to make their impression and status count in a gathering then certainly the IdeaPad will help you to bag few more kudos and why not, the amazingly bestowed laptop has everything that any techno buff would actually fall in need for.
Similarly, it should also be noted that the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 price in the Indian and other market isn’t that transparent as people might expect it to be like. However, the price of this amazing laptop is pretty aggressive but its prolific features completely justify its price. So, if you really think that the laptop is the best bet for you then certainly you should try your hands upon this piece of modern machinery!

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