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Google penguins one of best Google algorithm that stops spam websites gain high page Rank. The reason for this is to stop the wide-spread use of black-hat techniques and prevent spam websites from falsely gaining high page rank. It is necessary to carry out the manual link building and change erroneous links activities in order to stay in the good books of Google and enjoy the benefit of top web page ranks.

Only those sites with original information and genuine links arising out of valid interest in the site’s products, services or information can gain high page ranks.

link building techniques

    What You Need To Do To Combat Google Penguin Update?

If your site had a good DA/PA/DR, which has drastically altered because of Google Penguin update, you need to take steps to regain them. Some of the essential methods of manual link building that can help to enhance your site’s page ranks:

Quick information: The content in the web site must be 100% original. It must be fresh, engaging and enable visitors to gather information quickly. This will encourage people to visit it and link to it. Updating the site’s content keeps it refreshed and encourages more traffic to come to the site.

Guest blogging: It is a good way of  links building to your web site. There is an author bio in the blog, where you can place two links to your website. The better your blog posts, the more you can experience visitors coming to your site via the blog.

Multiple anchor text: Do not use the same anchor texts through the site’s content and the same principle applies to the text used for links. It is only when you use multiple anchor texts and multiple text for links with valuable keywords that Google confers high page ranks on your site. This is a prime principle in gaining high quality page ranks.

Back Links: Do not use a single method for gaining back links. Back links need to come from various sources such as directories, blogs, forums and much more. Websites that gain back links from just article directories or just blogs have found their page ranking to come down drastically. It is essential to diversify on the source of back links to gain high page ranks with Google.

Social Media websites: Using social media websites can certainly improve page ranks and effectively combat the changes caused by Google Penguin Update. These sites are very popular and they have a lot of fan following. Opening a page in a popular social media site like Twitter or Facebook with links to your website will bring in high page ranks.

Fresh articles: Do not post the same article in various directories. Use fresh, engaging and new articles for every post in an article directory as Google values only new content and not duplicate. The links coming from such original articles to your site will give it a high page rank.

You can certainly improve your site’s page ranks by following these links building steps and ensure that your site appears on top of search results. If your site’s rankings have come down, these manual link building steps will help you to enhance it so that your site can enjoy the benefits of high page ranks like before.

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