Make HTC One X Phone Smarter

HTC has been one of the international leaders in the smartphone industry. It has capitalized very well on the latest trend on smart phones. It has been coming out with some of the best devices that you can lay your hands on.

The sleek devices that come out from HTC are not exactly the most affordable ones but are one of the most advanced ones. This brand has been very consistent in its performance and that really matters in the international arena.

The top segment of HTC devices has some of the best in the industry and you can find a brilliant device like the One X from HTC. But as the phone gets advanced, using it becomes complex. If you recently got yourself the HTC One X, then there are quite a few things that you have to keep in mind about the phone. There are a few tricks that can be done on the phone and they turn out to be useful.

1. Did you know that you could take a snapshot of the screen of your one X without the help of an external app? This is useful feature comes inbuilt and all you have to do is to press your power button along with your home button. You press these both simultaneously and your screen shot is ready.

2. Sometimes the phone does a little bit more than we want it to do. The automatic widget formation on the screen is one such feature. In case you have downloaded any app, after its installation, a widget will be formed. Now you can change this feature by deselecting the add auto widget option from the settings.

3. If you have a long list of music files or a very long contacts list, scrolling down can be quite an annoying thing to do. More than annoyance, it can waste a few seconds to reach the particular entry. But now with the One X you can use the quick scroll option. You can use two fingers on the screen with each swipe and save time.

4. Suppose you want to shoot something constantly with your phone’s camera, the review facility can be a pain. The phone’s camera by default lets you take a few shots and then selects the best one. This may be useful during certain intervals but if you are in for taking constant pictures, this will be a hurdle. Now you can turn this off from the camera settings and shoot constantly without being intervened.

5. The One X boasts of a very quick boot process. That is because of the hot boot option which is selected by default. For the phone to boot properly and completely, deselect this option and let it go though booting completely.

6. If you want to text or type something very urgent, then the usual keypad may not be an easy option. It is much better if you go with the trace type option which can be selected from the settings.

7. The HTC Sense UI has been highly appreciated but sometimes can get a few notches slower and that is bad news for HTC One X users. So make the changes from the settings and in the developer option. Reboot the phone well and feel the difference of the faster UI.

8. Did you know that the simple calculator on your One X can turn into the complex scientific calculator once you rotate the device into landscape mode?

9. Your data usage too can now be tracked and you will be warned about it in case you cross your limits as per your data plan.

10. You can also access the device information by giving the *#*#3424#*#*key combination.

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