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Popular Cloud Service Providers [Updated 2020]

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Popular Cloud Service Providers [Updated 2020]

In the past, if you needed to access something, it had to be on your PC. This is how you got emails, computer programs to name a few. Thumb or jump drives made it simpler to transport your document when you go somewhere else, but this was restricted to a certain amount of data storage and the drives could easily be misplaced.
Cloud services change all this as businesses and individuals can now access their files on the internet. Selecting the right cloud service provider can be a daunting job as there are many to pick from.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading service providers on the market. The company delivers a suite of tools that offer a cheap and scalable infrastructure as a service to firms who are in need of reliable computing services as well as storage.

With Amazon Web Services one can requisition compute power, storage, and other services getting access to a suite of stretchy IT infrastructure services as his company demands them. With AWS, you have the flexibility to select whichever programming model or development platform that makes sense for the problems you’re facing.


rackspace CLoud

Rackspace is one of the leading cloud-based web hosting companies. It is hugely popular and is renowned for offering the best web hosting services. They’re easy to use servers to provide users with a way to access servers online as fast as possible without investing in expensive hardware.

The company offers its plans in 3 types: Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, and Private Cloud. Public cloud is the cheapest plan where it provides flexible plans and pays what you use plan. Hybrid Cloud is where you may connect a public cloud Rackspace or run an OpenStack cloud in your data center. Private cloud uses OpenStack, an OS for the cloud-based hosting system.

Microsoft Windows Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Windows Azure: Microsoft’s response to cloud computing is the Windows Azure Platform. This platform is complete with competitive pricing as well as many concessions designed to get enterprise consumers to shift their IT operations. Microsoft Azure offers a complete set of services encompassing computing environments, database functionality, scalable storage, and content delivery network. It’s highly scalable and utilizes automatic scaling and it’s an open platform that can support Microsoft as well as the non-Microsoft environment.


Ninefold Cloud Computing

Ninefold: Ninefold is an Australian based company that focuses exclusively on cloud hosting. Users can upload documents via a web browser with file manager. Ninefold provides cloud services powered by VMware hypervisor. The company supports different Windows and Linux OSs.

With Ninefold cloud services, you can incorporate a variety of applications. You will get flexibility with features that comprise elastic load balancing, auto-scaling, and multiple locations. The company’s cloud services can be deployed on various computer systems like Netbooks, Desktops, Tablets, iPods, iPhones, and smartphones.


Dropbox CLoud

The term Dropbox has become popular with cloud storage ever since its founder Drew Houston forgot his USB at home. Drew’s idea for cloud storage became what’s today known as Dropbox, and in 2012 it passed one hundred million users. Dropbox, Inc. offers cloud storage to end-users.

The company provides a variety of user customers across varied mobile and computer operating systems. Using Dropbox, users can store and share documents easily through the internet. Also, users can stream videos and audio files from their Dropbox accounts to mobile Dropbox such as iPhone, Android, and iPad.

Apple iCloud

Apple icloud-

Apple iCloud: iCloud is another popular cloud hosting service from Apple. The company is renowned for offering the best services and has optimal reliability. iCloud is designed to work with all Apple devices that are connected to the Internet. iCloud will store your images, music, contacts, documents, calendar events and automatically send them to all devices over 3G or Wi-Fi. The biggest advantage of iCloud is that it is integrated into Apple software. This makes iCloud a convenient cloud storage option if all your mobile devices and PCs are Apple products.

In a few years to come, cloud computing will be amongst the most used service owing to the new concept that separates it from the rest. It is the easiest and safest way to store data. While there are a number of cloud computing providers on the market to choose from, these are the best cloud computing providers.
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