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How Social Media Mistakes can Ruin Your Brand/Business


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How Social Media Mistakes can Ruin Your Brand/Business

How Social Media Mistakes can Ruin Your Brand/Business

Social media gives the brands various opportunities to boost their brand recognition and targeted traffic to their website. Better brand building over social media brings you the opportunities to turn many of your audience into the leads. Although this might be true, some companies have failed to capitalize on the social media phenomenon.

While the right social media strategy can hold tremendous potential for your brand, the wrong one can result in wasted time and effort as well as damage to your reputation. In fact, the first thing to remember is that you should always stay aware of the risks you face on social media as you pursue its many rewards. To help stay vigilant,

learn about the following 5 social media mistakes that can cost your brand reputation.

Spamming Your Followers

Companies want to get results fast, so they think that they will get noticed by sharing content and updating their status all the time. Of course, such behavior does attract attention but it’s often not the kind that is good for business. In fact, followers feel bombarded and consider you are spamming and offering nothing useful. So, to avoid this mistake, limit your social media interactions. 


Research from 14 studies concluded that you should never post more than 15 tweets a day on Twitter. Similarly, your business should limit its Facebook posts to one per day. More is not always better on social media. Unfortunately, many brands haven’t learned this lesson yet.

Not Creating Original Content

The process of creating content for social media requires a lot of creativity, planning and hard work. Knowing this, business often depends on reusing existing content. Such an approach saves time and effort, but it also creates a bad impression for your company.

In other words, brands that have less original material to share on social media and more of plagiarised material are appeared to be an untrustworthy brand. Thus, try to be original. Share only original content with your followers.


One thing you need to remember, however, is that your focus on creating original content should not prevent you from sharing other interesting and entertaining content. On the contrary, you should fully participate in the social media experience. Just make sure you have a balanced amount of original and shared content so that you can establish the credentials of your brand while contributing to the online community.

Not Thinking About Security

A cyber-attack targeted at one of your social media accounts could have a devastating effect on your business. If hackers take control of your profile, they can irreversibly damage your reputation. This is why it is very important to think about securing all your accounts.

Most importantly, make sure all your office computers are protected with antivirus and anti-malware software. You probably already know you should use very strong passwords and you can add an extra layer of security by using 2-step authentication.

Social-Media-Security issue

Finally, never use public Wi-Fi to log in to your accounts as these networks are unencrypted and enable hackers to intercept any information you are sending or receiving.

Ignoring Your Followers

As a result of a carefully planned and executed social media strategy, your brandwill be able to connect with huge number of client prospects. Despite achieving this desired outcome, however, some brands fail to effectively deal with the resultant deluge of incoming messages and comments. Consequently, those brands never realize their potential ROI from their social media effort.

Even though you and your team already have plenty of work to do, you need to make sure that everyone who contacts your brand receives a prompt response, even if they leave a negative comment. By interacting on social media, you demonstrate your commitment to customer service and make your audience feel valued.

Selling Constantly

The biggest mistake businesses are doing nowadays is that they consider social media a market place to sale directly. And, in that thought, they start bombarding their followers that result in a bad impression.

Due to this, companies destroy their reputation.People expect to interact with other people and their favorite brands on social media and they can quickly become disillusioned if they feel that all you want to do is get their money.

Selling Constantly

This doesn’t mean you can’t use social media to sell, but you should keep such activity to a minimum. Generally, if you spend 80 percent of your time interacting with your followers and posting high-quality content, you can spend the remainder of your time selling.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, social media gives you a chance to expand the reach of your brand and establish its authority. Doing so, however, requires a deliberate effort that involves interacting with social media users and adding value to the community.

In other words, success requires time and effort. Additionally, success requires that you steer clear of the above five social media mistakes that can ruin your brand. By avoiding spam and posting original content, you establish your brand as a reputable member of the community. Similarly, other sound practices such as prioritizing the social aspect of your strategy over sales and responding to comments can help you build a loyal following. Above all, by taking the necessary security measures, you set the stage for increased sales and sustainable growth.

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