Sony Vaio Pro 13 Laptop

At 1.06 kilograms, the Sony Vaio Pro 13‘s super-light body is accordingly complemented with a slim profile that measures a measly 17.2mm at its thickest point. All the trimming on weight and dimensions might raise some doubts about the build quality, but fear not, Sony has not compromised on that either. Sony Vaio pro 13 Price in India is Approx. 79,000.

Sony Vaio Pro 13 Specification

  • Feature wise: 86/100
  • Performance wise: 79/100
  • Build: 84/100
  • Value of price: 85/100

The smooth (matte) finished carbon fibre body ensures solid build with almost no traces of creaks or bends that one would normally associate with thin and light laptops. Portability and looks are obviously the key unique selling points of this ultrabook and the Vaio Pro is very well suited for frequent travelers and business users looking for a sleek machine that exudes class and craftsmanship.

Sony_VAIO_Pro_13_Reviews Feature

Sony Vaio Pro 13, Features, Specifications and reviews

  • Display: 13.3 inch, 1080 IPS touch screen
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4200U
  • Storage:128GB SSD
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Keyboard: Backlit With Ambient light sensor
  • Wireless Connectivity: WIFI a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: 0
  • NFC: Yes
  • Weight: 1.06 kg
  • Ports: USB 3.0 X 2 ports, HDMI, SD Memory Card Reader
  • OS: windows 8 64-Bit

The Sony Vaio Pro would have scored an almost perfect score in our design and build quality test but for some tiny (yet critical) design limitations. The 13-inch touchscreen has a rather limited tilt angle, some-thing that can be frustratingly restrictive, especially because of its reflective display.

Its boot-up time ranged anywhere between 8-12 seconds, which is way better than regular HDD laptops (that take 18-30 seconds to boot). In terms of core system performance, the Vaio Pro 13 logged a score of 4219 in PC Mark 7 and 675 points on the performance mode in 3D Mark 2011.

To put these scores in perspective, the Samsung Series 9 13-inch (our earlier Best Buy recommendation on the Ivy Bridge platform) scored 4347 and 590 points on pc Mark 7 and 3D Mark 11 respectively. Sony’s decision to plonk a fairly fast SSD on the Vaio Pro 13 helps the system handle multitasking sessions with great ease.

The SSD logged an impressive average of 416 MB/s read and 191 MB/s write speeds. Having said that, Sony’s decision to not use the PCI-e based SSD like the international variants of the Vaio Pro 13 is a major disappointment for performance junkies. PCI-e based SSDs can deliver read and writes speeds in the range of 800 and 400 MB/s, respectively.

The Sony Vaio Pro 13 lasted a good 4.3 hours under heavy load (all four cores running at max, Wi-Fi on and screen brightness at 50%). In real-world scenarios, we managed a handsome 8 hours and 12 minutes of battery life with Wi-Fi on and brightness set at 50% over a regular work day scenario which involved browsing with 8-12 tabs along with office applications and light image editing. The Vaio Pro 13 largely manages to keep the thermals under check but the same cannot be said about the noise levels – max out the four cores and the fan noise is obvious and irritating.

Moving on to the screen, the Vaio Pro 13 offers a 13-inch Full liD (1080p) IPS touchscreen backed by Sony’s “Triluminous’ display technology which adds extra vibrancy and ‘punch’ in colors does shift the color reproduction away from the true/natural colors that one associates with IPS panels, since everything on the screen looks more pleasing and vibrant to the eyes.

The ‘touch’ side of the display is excellent. There is one irritating factor in the otherwise excellent display on the Sony Vaio Pro 13 – the reflections! The bright vivid display is well complemented by its in-built speakers. The Vaio Pro 13 won’t fill the room with sound, but it will deliver a fairly pleasant personal aural experience tf without the usual distortions and harshness that one associates with thin and light laptops.

The ‘chicle styled back-lit keypad on the Vaio 13 Pro is well spaced, offers good feedback with no 1 hint of flex. Even the touch pad is well sized, though 1 the response and fluidity cannot match that of glass based touch pads (again, comparing it to the king of touchpads on the Macbook Air). What we sorely miss though are LED based activity indicators and hardware controls.

The Vaio’s super light and slim body, excellent build quality/looks, battery life, high-resolution IPS touch screen display and the zippy overall performance come together to make it a very good deal c for its asking price of Z75k. It’s one of the best Windows 8 based touch screen ultrabooks out there.

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