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State Of The Art Website Designs



State Of The Art Website Designs

The world is going mobile and therefore it is absolutely important to have your presence felt in those avenues as well. People prefer to check your website and reviews before they approach you. In today’s scenario people find it very convenient to simply use their Smartphones to check your websites.


But, are you prepared for it? Or do you think your standard website would suffice? Unfortunately, there are many guiding parameters that affect how your website looks on the mobile screen.

  • Research

I can’t stress how important research is. No matter what industry you belong to, the first step should always research. That is the only way you can understand the dynamics of the market. The research will enable you to get an idea about the specific devices people are using. You will also get a demographic interpretation of what your target audience likes. Then you can finally decide how much time and energy you want to dedicate towards.

  • Keep away from duplicating content

This applies very strongly. You must ensure that whatever you do, you ensure that your content is specific and original. The website content cannot be repetitive. If it does, then Google can penalize you and blacklist your website. Ensure that you stick to a clear message that focuses on your agenda.

  • Minimum images

Images take a lot of time to load. This why you should keep the minimum required images on your page. When someone opens your website through their cell phones, they expect the site to load immediately. No one likes to wait. The lesser the images, the faster the work.

  • Applications

Many companies have gone for the option of developing mobile applications instead of mobile websites. It is a simple one-step way to get to the mobile version of the site. The app is downloadable and works pretty much like a desktop shortcut. The advantage is, you can do away with unnecessary details and come straight to the point.

  • Avoid Flash

Once again flash files take up umpteen spaces. Avoid flash and stick to the basics. The broadband of the network provider is not always sure and you don’t want to lose out on a visitor just because you could not open in time. Ensure that your website is very simple and does not use any complicated and heavy flash elements

  • Go Minimal

Minimalism works best for website designs meant for mobiles because of its rawness. Since there is only the important stuff visible, that makes your site clean, approachable and fast. It also ensures that your visitor pays maximum attention to you and you can have a great user interface.

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