A New Trendy Smart Watch Cell Phone

A watch phone is just a mobile phone in the way of a wrist watch. It gives watch cell phone functionality as well as clock, calendar, video, radio, messaging and more. Opposite to famous belief, someone availing this phone does not require to hold their wrist up to hear the call or to hold the cell phone to their mouth when they want to speak.

These phones contain speakerphone capability and available with Bluetooth headsets to let for private chat. People have dreamed of watch phone, since dick Tracy start calling the allies with the radio watch, but the technology do not have the ability to satisfy people’s practical requirements.


In the year, 2002, Microsoft released its SPOT, this watch was has the capacity to give users access to weather, news, outlook email, sports and the time. But it does not has the ability to make calls.

In the year 2003, DOCOMO introduced a prototype watch mobile phone, but again the technology was not able to satisfy the people demand.

In the year 2009, these phones were able to offer feature such as MP3 player, radio, streaming video, camera, messaging, calendar, alarm clock, Bluetooth abilities, calculator,

LG and other retailers given phones with data storage over three hundred hours of talk time. They had little sleek screens of up to 1.4 inches wide.

GPS presented a phone particularly for camping, hiking and boating that provided people GPS capability. It can give users with their right coordinates and perfectly coordinates of getting message from someone.

This phone given an SOS button and designed emergency contact numbers. Most of the phones are multi lingual, letting users to select from English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, or Chinese interface. People who have the tendency to lose their mobile phones or who is happy with spy like are possibly to adore the sophistication, small size and convenience of these phones.

Once given especially in black, these different cell phones watches available in different colors, from black to bubble gum pink. Customer electronics released a little black watch mobile phone created for executives. This innovative model broke the market as being one of the first to duplicate the appearance of conventional executive watch, but still gives the new feature of a watch phone.

Android phones are available with watch in the market today. it has mp3 and mp4 players and Bluetooth facility. You will see a stylus in the band of the watch, so you can pull it and stretch it according to your desired length. They are designed with two built in speakers and microphones. It is light weighted, tied around the wrist, no chances of losing the phone.

The weight is just 45 grams, memory capacity with 128 MB and supports WAP, GPRS technology. The standby capacity is about 150 to 300 hours according to the usage. The capacity for talk time is about 180 minutes. They are available from one fifty dollars to one seventy five dollars. This modern watch phone is highly liked by younger generation because it is trendy and stylish.

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