How to Use Old Posts For the Benefit Of Your Blog?

Old Blog Post, Have you ever thought of using your old posts for the betterment of your blog? 

If the above questions concern you, I will share some valuable tips with you so that you can use the old post for the benefit of your blog.

Once your blog posts are old you do not care much about them. Many of us just keep writing new posts but cannot improve our rank and search engine traffic.

I am not saying that you don’t need to write new posts for your blog but by optimizing your old posts you can save your time instead of writing new posts daily because getting optimized and indexed is more important than regular updates.

So have a keen look at how to use old posts.


Proof Read: First of all proofread your old posts again so that you can obtain quality from your post. It is obvious that we all proofread well before we publish content to our blogs but in spite of that look for more opportunities to edit it so that your message you want to tell your readers would be clear to your readers.

Optimize Well: Adding h1, h2 and h3 tags is a good idea to optimize posts for search engines as there is every chance that we might have missed optimizing our old posts so try to edit and optimize your old posts and get benefited by getting more exposure to search engines that in turn will give you valuable readers to your blog.

Add more media: By adding media and embed a video you can make your posts more stylish. Add a charm to your old posts by adding relevant media to it. As in this era, no one wants to read your posts line by line so images and videos will make them more clear about your thoughts and messages you want to express from your posts.

Give a pingback: Try to add backlinks of your new posts to your old posts to get indexed and gain backlinks. It is always advisable that internal SEO always helps a blog to grow. It is very obvious that you add links of your old posts to your new posts but adding links to your old post is discipline and Google loves disciplined blogs. So try to get benefited by giving a pingback.

Promote on Social Media: It is very important that people know about your old posts so that they will be attracted to it. Retweet your posts promote them on Facebook groups and get set go for gaining valuable links as well as readers and friends for your blog.

Promote your blog on Social Media to get more valued visitors to your blog. Another post where we’ve shared a few tips to drive a good chunk of traffic from Facebook to your blog.

I hope these tips of mine would work for you while you have a plan of how to use old posts and as there is always room for improvement so keep on trying different things for your betterment and attain success in your blogging career.

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