Tools and Utilities-Must have In Your Device

With millions of apps out there, your smartphone is as nifty as Batman’s utility belt, or the fighter aircraft in SwatKats, which always had an unbelievable number of nifty things stored. Ok, maybe an exaggeration there, but there is seemingly no limit or boundary to what one can do with his or her phone these days.

The apps mentioned below will add a whole new dimension to your smartphone. You’ve got apps that control downloads progressing on your computer from anywhere in the world, and ones that keep your kids from messing up your phone every time you give it to them to play games.

There are apps that will help you save precious battery (which in today’s smartphones almost never seems to be enough), or run a bunch of benchmark tests to gauge whether the phone actually is worth its printed specifications.

Prey Anti-Theft  [support- Android + iOS]

If your phone doesn’t have theft protection built-in, Prey is a neat app that can help retrieve your stolen phone back. Prey for Android can silently sending an SMS to a predefined number on SIM change. You can also set an admin password to prevent uninstallation of the app.

Prey-Anti-Theft-Apps for Device

whereas in iOS, the app takes pictures using the front-cam and uploads them (the same feature for Android is coming in future versions). Common features include remote activation that makes the phone send out location info using GPS and WiFi geolocation. Lastly, you can send a message to the phone for the person to see or even play a loud alarm.

Download Prey Anti-Theft App

Price: Free

uTorrent Remote  [support- Android + iOS + Windows]

uTorrent is a pretty popular BitTorrent client for computers. With the remote app, you can control the activity of your file sharing on the move. You can check the progress of your downloads, stop or resume them. You can even add new downloads remotely.

uTorrent-remote-App-for-your device

Unfortunately, there isn’t an app for iOS, but they have a mobile-friendly website which can let iPhone and iPad users have the same functionality as the apps for other platforms. You can even create a shortcut on your home screen by opening the page in Safari and clicking the “Add to home screen” button in the Share menu.

Download uTorrent Remote Apps for Device

Price: Free

Clean File Manager  [support- Android]

Clean File Manager is a good choice in the endless array of file management apps for Android. Its trump card is the no-bull interface — cleanly laid icons and text and adopts the Holo theme design philosophy (for e.g side-swiping UI design to navigate forward or backward between folders).

clean-file-manager-apps for device

A menu to the left reveals easy to find shortcuts for logical places you’d want to go (like Pictures, movies, Camera roll etc). It does basic task manager duties like renaming, cut/copy/paste, delete. You have an ad at the bottom, which you can remove forever if you pay 60 rupees.

Download Clean File Manager Apps For Device

Price: Free

SpeedTest   [support- Android + iOS]

Internet companies love to advertise about speed. Maybe you’re wondering whether you’re actually getting what was promised? Or you have a hunch that your cable Internet is feeling slow all these past few days.

Speed test apps for device

Having the SpeedTest app handy will give you clarity. Test can take from a minute tc a few, depending upon your connection. But you’ll come tc know of the download, upload speeds and the latency between you and the server. Finally, it also keeps a history of all your tests, separating the ones run on WiFi and on 3G, to helr you assess how your Internet has been.

Download SpeedTest App for Android and iOS

Price: Free

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