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Useful WordPress Plugins

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Useful WordPress Plugins


WordPress is an Open Source Platform for online website creation. It is also known as most Powerful Blog “Content Management System” and and most of the blogger used it. In other post you learn “how to set-up or install wordpress. ?”. you can direct download most useful or important WordPress plugins from here.

WordPress is a great way to get yourself or your company out into the world and start drawing people in. But in order to take full advantage of the opportunities of WordPress, you’re going to want to make sure you have the Essential WordPress Plugins.

Useful plugins for blogging

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics has got to be your number one plugin. With Google Analytics you’ll be able to see who’s viewing your blog, when they’re viewing it, how they arrived to your blog and where they go once there. Are most of your viewers coming from Facebook? Do your viewers delve deeper into your site or do they go no further than the first page? These are key questions to running a successful blog and Google Analytics will provide you the tools for this success………  Google Analytics

Google XML Sitemaps:

Having a sitemap will allow your blog to work dynamically with search engines and make sure they draw from the newest or most important content. Maintaining a site map manually is a lengthy and laborious process, most likely taking time you could have otherwise spent composing new articles. Google’s XML Sitemap will take away that headache and let you get back to work……  Google XML Sitemap

Yoast’s WordPress SEO:

Having a good SEO plug-in will help manage your blogs search engine yields by keeping you focused on your target keywords. Developed by the WordPress SEO consultant, Yoast’s WordPress plugin will help hone your content as you write it by showing you how it will appear in searches so you can determine if your meta description is too long, too short, too vague, etc. …… Yoast’s WordPress SEO

WordPress Database Backup:

You’ve taken the time to develop your blog, wouldn’t you want ensure its security with a backup? The WordPress Database Backup will allow you to schedule intervallic emails containing selected tables to protect your blog in case anything should go wrong…….  WordPress Database Backup

Akismet Spam Protection:

Unfortunately blogs are still ravenously targeted by hungry spammers. Akismet protects your site from unwanted posts or comments by first running it through a filter and checking it Akismet’s database. You’ll need an API key from but fortunately they are free for personal blogs… It is already installed in your wordpress. just you have to register through the link and paste a token key to activate..

Contact Form 7:

In addition to Akismet, Contact Form 7 helps people contact you while protecting you against spammers and other malicious. Contact Form 7 supports Ajax, CAPTCHA and can be linked with Akismet to filter spammers from contacting you……. Contact Form 7

W3 Total Cache:

Caching your blog will allow you optimize your blog’s server and betters your user experience. W3 Total Cach will help minimize your bandwidth by up to 80% as well as securing faster rendering times and making sure your site can handle large traffic. Even if your site doesn’t have high traffic now, you’ll want to make sure it’s prepared for when you do……..W3 Total Cache


Jetpack is a plug in that combines contact form features as well as sharing capabilities into one simple plugin. Jetpack will provide your WordPress site with easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other major social media network. ……… Jetpack

While you’re always going to be able to keep updating your blog with the wealth of plugins out there, photo galleries, video galleries, etc, .these plugins are absolutely essential for your blog. With these plugins you’ll get protection for you and your site, improved performance, and the knowledge of how to better your blog and increase viewership.

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