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Xbox 360 Classic Racing Games

xBox games


Xbox 360 Classic Racing Games

Xbox is a game console developed by Microsoft. It is the direct competitor of Sony’s PlayStation. It gives you an amazing sensation for playing games and watching movies. Xbox 360 is also available but the previous model is unique for its classic games.

It seems that you are actually driving car during the game. Microsoft also offers driving simulators that is available with complete seat. This seat includes steering, gearbox and pedals.

The highest played games include football, racing, and war games. Players usually prefer to play motor sports games. Here are some of the popular games that you must experience. The graphics and simulation is excellent and gives you the feeling of real driving.

Forza Motorsport { Hit the link & Download Free for PC & mobile}

Forza Motorsport Xbox Games
The specialty of this game is that cars are quite real and the graphics are amazing. The handling and overall game play varies for each car according to the real specifications. The camera views and sound quality is amazing. The minimum time you require to end this game is nearly 70 hours. However, it is very difficult to end it even in 140 hours. There are many difficult levels waiting for your ahead.

Project Gotham Racing 2 { Now Link not Available} 

Project Gotham Racing 2 xbox games
Project Gotham is quite different from traditional racing games. You can earn extra points and earn extra money in this game through many tricks. Doing rash driving can result in losing of your points. The graphics are amazing and the locations are in different cities and highways. That feature makes it distinct from any other game.

Burnout 3: Takedown { Hit the link & Download Free}

Burnout 3-Takedown xbox games
The name itself gives you enough idea that how speedy cars you are going to found in this game. Burnout 3 is one the furious sports game and do not try such driving at home. Burnout provides amazing speed and new style game play. It is a very addictive and my words are not enough to explain its amazing features. You need to play it at least once to know about this fabulous piece of work.

RalliSport Challenge 2 { Hit the link & Download Free}

Download free RalliSport Challenge 2 xbox games

This arcade game gives you a hardcore experience of rally racing. It possesses excellent graphics along with amazing new and old cars. You can unlock new car skins and amazing travel routes. There are options of 90 different tracks. The RC 2 has much responsive car control as compared to RC1. This new version also offers different tunings points where you can take your car in case of damage or accidents.

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